Online School Management System

it allows you carry out all the administrative tasks easily and effortlessly in less time. The user can manage school administrative tasks easily and make reports on the daily basis of different tasks.

Services offered by the School Management System :

  • You can manage the admissions of students
  • Manage the complete details of the student and teachers.
  • Manage the online notice board of the school
  • Allocate Roll no. /Enrolment no. to students of all the class with one click
  • Generate ID–Card, Report card  of all the students and staffs of the school
  • Manage the transportation system of your school .
  • Manage the upcoming activities/events of the school and publish on the school academic calendar.
  • Generate certificates for student and staff effortlessly
  • Parent login is allowing parents to see performance of their child
  • Attendance management

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